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Ravenshoe Cafe Explosion - Tuesday 9th June 2015

An Open Letter from Mark Dillon, President 51FNQRA

Dear members of the 51 Battalion Association,


By now you will have heard of the tragic events in Ravenshoe  and on behalf of the committee I would like to offer our prayers and best wishes to those injured in the accident and their friends and relatives and anyone effected by the accident, especially the families of Nicole Dempsey and Margaret Clark who have since passed away.


One of those injured is Michael Beck, a good mate of mine and to many of you as well. Michael, along with fellow Firefighter Joe Torrisi, had conducted a fire safety training  session with a local community group in Ravenshoe on the day and then had gone to the café for lunch with some of the participants.


Michael’s father Les was OC of the 51st Independent Rifle Company and President of this Association, Mick also served in the Unit and discharged with the rank of Sergeant.


I met Joe at a community event he attended with Mick and he is a thorough gentleman. Many of the people I have spoken to since this event that know Joe are of the same opinion.


I have attached a link to a fund established to assist Mick and Joe though these hard times. The Association will be donating $100.00 to the fund. This message will be placed on our webpage and please feel free to pass it onto anyone who may wish to donate to the fund.


This Association was formed to preserve and promote the proud history of out Unit and to assist serving and former members wherever possible. In an ironic twist of fate whilst Mick and Joe were not deployed  in an operational role on the day, they have still been wounded in the service of the State and I feel that our best efforts should go to doing what we can for them. So please log into the link below and do what you can and pass this message on.


Best wishes to Mick and Joe and families from the 51FNQR Association Committee and members

LINK to make a donation in support of Mick and Joe