World War II Action

Imagery and information courtesy of the Australian War Memorial


Sipaai, Bougainville Island. 1945-01-07. 
Troops of the 31/51st Infantry Battalion  relaxing aboard the AV1361 "Poolta" 

as she approaches the mouth of the Kaikara River where the unit 

is making a landing.

 Sipaai, Bougainville Island. 1945-01-07. 

Troops of the 31/51st
 Infantry Battalion  relaxing aboard the
AV1361 "Poolta" as she approaches the mouth of the
 Kaikara River where the unit is making a landing...


  Sipaai, Bougainville Island. 1945-01-07. 

A barge of the 42nd landing craft company, 
loaded with troops
of the 31/51st Infantry Battalion preparing to draw away from their transport, 
the AV1361 "Poolta" to make their run for the beach during the
Australian landings
at the mouth 
of the Kiakara River.

1945-02-06. Tsimba Ridge Bougainville Island

QX130750 Padre Joe Charles  Salvation Army (2) giving a drink to 
No 10 Platoon, "B" Company,
31/51st Infantry Battalion at the  Regimental Aid Post.

Private Smith was wounded by bomb splinters during an action against the enemy
in the area.

Torokina, Bougainville, 1945-07-15. 
he 31/51st Infantry Battalion team, winners of the tug of war, 
at the combined allied sports championship meeting at Gloucester oval
arranged by Australian Army Amenities Service, attached 4 Base Sub-area.

Rabaul, New Britain 1945-12-19

Australian Army Education Service Instructors
of the 31/51st Infantry Battalion

Nauru Island 1945-09-14

Japanese army officers  explaining the details  of one of their range finders to
an officer of
the 31/51st infantry battalion soon after the unit had
taken over the island.